Professional Liability Insurance is the same as Errors and Omissions (E&O).

David Reeves Consulting, LLC (referred to as “DRC” herein) provides a website service,, to source Engineering expertise for prospective Clients. Clients who register with the website post job descriptions for Specialists to bid. Anyone who possesses the expertise for specific jobs can join and use the website, but those who do not have Professional Liability Coverage are at risk. See FAQ’s for more description why this is so.

Therefore, the website has two basic types of freelance Service Providers:

1. Service Providers who have existing Professional Liability Coverage and
2. Service Providers who do not.

This application process is for those in the second category who are NOT covered.

In the website, Freelancers are referred to as Service Providers and the job posting Clients are referred to as Service Contractors.

• A Service Provider is an Engineer, Designer, Specialist or similar.
• A Service Contractor is a Client that Posts a Job.

Registered Service Providers bidding on suitable job descriptions in need of Professional Liability Insurance may submit an application to DRC for approval to perform work as a subcontractor to DRC. For general use, see the website for instructions on How It Works.

Multiple disciplines of engineering services are available for coverage with a few exceptions. Engineering disciplines that are considered high risk by the insurance broker are excluded. The procedure includes a contract for the Service Provider to perform agreed services through DRC to obtain E&O Insurance. The insurance is billed back to the Service Provider in accordance with the website fees per job completed.

-Exclusions for this coverage-

No coverage available for geotechnical, structural engineering or condominium related projects at this time.

DRC current policy monetary limits are offered for coverage in the website agreement for those engineers who do not already have coverage. Additional coverage will be evaluated and added pending company growth. Engineers who are already covered for this insurance, will not be allowed to participate as a subcontractor to DRC.

Service Providers accept the Website Privacy Policy and Website Service Agreement by using the website and/or signing agreement as a subcontractor to DRC.

Service Provider applicants are to complete the form below and submit it. You will be contacted for an interview separately. Approved applicants will receive a separate contract for signature.

Quick Summary:

  • Only Service Providers in need of Professional Liability Insurance can apply. If you already have it, no need to submit this application, just use the website.
  • See additional information concerning Professional Liability Insurance in the FAQ link at the bottom of the website.
  • The Professional Liability Coverage through DRC does not include geotechnical, structural engineering or condominium related projects.
  • Complete and submit the form below and you will be scheduled for a telephone or Skype interview.
  • If approved, you will receive a separate contract to sign on as a DRC subcontractor. Then you can proceed as normal bidding on jobs posted in the website.


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