Hello! This is my very first TEST post on The Engineering Job Link Blog.

Since I am new to this, I’ve been playing around with the limitations of this platform… Many new things for me to learn, so I hope you are not bored to death during the process!

I did want to mention here the reason I’ve started this service, so this entry has two purposes:

  1. To help introduce The Engineering Job Link and
  2. For me to personally experiment with the blog functions to offer you a free gift.

So, lets get to the intro.

Besides the information found in the “About” menu, I have wanted to build a job platform for freelance engineers and designers for some time. I figure many of you experience the same thoughts as I do concerning the job market. I have worked for several excellent companies, but always reach a point where I feel a little bored or ho hum about all the hurdles that I have to jump through. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate every opportunity I’ve experienced. But there is a little voice inside that says there is more out there.

Ever thought you could make better headway if you had full freedom to move? Felt as though you were in a straight jacket while the bills pile up at home adding stress. Maybe you are working on mundane tasks while anticipating the next big project. There are a few items that make me scramble in the opposite direction, one of them is dealing with weights on a ship. Its easy enough, but dealing with all of the details is a bit boring to me. I’m sure some things that float my boat would be boring to you as well.

That’s the thing about this service. You can hand pick the jobs that “float your boat”! You can also work at new opportunities while you keep your existing job. Provide extra income if you are homebound for some reason such as a handicap, retirement, stay-at-home-mom or similar. Between jobs? Yes? Sign up for free and search for opportunities.

Since the service is in its infancy at this stage, the job postings may take a little time to develop, but do sign up and check for updates often. The more activity generated now, the more opportunity later!

The concern may have entered you mind that you are not covered by Professional Liability Insurance or Errors &Omissions. If so, I would like to introduce you to this added benefit of The Engineering Job Link. If you do not know about this coverage or why you would need it, take a look at the link at the bottom of the website. Also look at the FAQ link for more details as well. The Professional Liability link will present you with a form to apply. The intent is to offer this coverage for a small fee per job if you have no coverage already.

Please check out the website and share with your colleagues. I believe this tool will serve you well in years to come.

Shifting gears now, I’ll get to the second part of this blog. I introduced a short video below mainly to tinker with settings and to see how you get served for future video’s and downloads. The video is short, sweet and a little rough. It shows how to insert an Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD. Hope you enjoy and are able to download the free gift that follows below as well.

Pipers may appreciate the download, not sure about the rest of you engineers and designers. Never know though, we all have to act like a jack-of-all-trades at some point and I hope you are able to use it.

Check out the video here…

Log in for FREE 10 Second Pipe Guide below:


Thanks for your visit… I’m just getting my bearings straight for now and really appreciate your time! Don’t forget to leave me any comments or suggestions for improvement.

Best Regards,


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