Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Reeves. I’m a licensed mechanical engineer with over 22 years of experience, mostly in the marine field. I love engineering challenges and appreciate the grit to see them through. I’ve also seen my share of boring unchallenging tasks and have experienced a career of paychecks that often seem to fall short of the goal to keep my own family afloat. College expenses mixed with all the other bills can dim your view of retirement. This is partially why I began to build what I believe to be a missing Link.

I developed this website service to match prospective client needs with freelance engineering staff expertise. In the website, Freelancers are referred to as Service Providers and the job posting Clients are referred to as Service Contractors.
• A Service Provider is an Engineer, Designer, Specialist or similar.
• A Service Contractor is a Client that Posts a Job.

I realize there are similar sites available to match various types of work, but I wanted to provide this service especially tailored to engineers, their colleagues and the various companies out there who cannot afford full time engineering staff. Available market workload for engineering staff can fluctuate to unpredictable scales. This is why I believe The Engineering Job Link will assist both the Engineer and Client to compensate for the rough seas produced by our crazy market.

A few additional reasons for this service are:
1. To leverage the expertise of those who cannot easily obtain Professional Liability Insurance (E&O). Capable Engineers who need this insurance are able to contract through my company (DRC) for proper coverage pending no issues in the screening process. Individual Service Providers who are already covered, simply will not apply for the additional coverage and work directly with the Service Contractor.
2. To provide income opportunity for those who have mobility challenges that limit them from working a normal daily schedule at a jobsite. Stay-at-home mothers, physically handicapped individuals or similar can take advantage of these opportunities as easy as the next person.

The intent here is to unlock the chains that bind capable engineers and designers to a stale, uneventful, unfulfilling career and Link them to a future of more possibilities. You can think of it as putting you eggs in more than one basket!

It is my intention to keep this site reputable and profitable to both the Service Contractor and the Service Provider. To get an overview of how the system works on the home page, click “How It Works”. If you have additional questions or concerns, please click the “FAQ” tab or contact me via the contact link. I wish you all the best and look forward to your success!

Best Regards,
David Reeves, P.E.